What is nitric oxide therapy?

FIrst, you need to understand your autonomic nervous system. Simply put, your autonomic nervous system is divided into two seperate systems: the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). Your SNS prepares your body for any potential danger (aka fight or flight). Your PNS is the healing state that brings your nervous system back into balance. Nitric Oxide (NO) is produced by vascular, nerve and immune cells. Nitric Oxide assists your body in destroying viruses, bacteria, free radicals and also relaxes our cells. 

When you are under stress, the SNS/PNS is often times thrown off balance. When this occurs, your NO production is decreased and in extreme or constant states of stress, your body may shut down complete production of NO. 


A decreased or lack of production of NO leads to a depressed immune function which over time can result in body tissue damage. The process starts as a lack of energy, joint pain, depression, decrease sexual drive, headaches, memory loss and poor digestion. Over a longer period of time, if NO is not restimulated, these symptoms can escalate into major diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alzheimers, autoimmune diseases and cancer. 


How does NO work with our other cells? NO works directly with the endothelial lining of blood vessels (endothelium is the inner most layer of tissue that lines your arteries and blood vessels). These include the blood vessels in your brain, skin, heart and any other organ that is lined with endothelial cells. Your body contains 100,000's of miles of blood vessels creating an endothelium surface area larger than a football field (Human Tuning; John Beaulieu).  NO assists in relaxing our vessels allowing them to naturally contract and expand which allows your blood to flow more freely. A decrease in production of NO or no production of NO can lead to inflamation of the endothelium tissue causing its surface to become "sticky". When this happens, your blood cells (white blood cells, platelets) will adhere to the blood vessel walls leading to atherosclerosis. This may lead to other diseases. If the capillaries in the brain are affected by decreased NO production, this may lead to reduced oxygen and glucose supply to our brain cells which may lead to neurological dysfunction. 


A natural way of balancing the autonomic system is to do a "spiking/puffing" therapy session using tuning forks. Certain frequencies can induce NO production which will then rebalance or "reset" your SNS/PNS. 



What is ear candling?

Ear Candling is a practice that is performed all over the world. My approach to ear candling is from the spiritual aspect. I believe ear candling opens up the body's spiritual center by cleaning and cleansing the spiritual body thru the physical. Thru visualization and the use of ear candles (the candles are hollow linen cloth tubes covered with a thin layer of beeswax), negative energies are moved up from your earth star chakra (below your feet) all the way to your crown chakra (top of your head) and released thru the smoke and the flame of the candle. This not only releases negative energies but helps to assist in removing blockages that are impeding your movement forward. 

What will you experience? You will experience a pleasent warmth and crackling sound. The movement of the flame creates a vibration of air that generates a massage like effect on the ear drum. The administration of warmth gently stimulates the peripheral blood circulation, lymphatic and immune systems. 

What is aura cleansing and cord cutting?

First, what is an aura? An aura is part of your energy field. According to researchers, there are seven layers to a person's aura. However, as we continue to make scientific advancements in this field of research, it may be discovered that there are even more. There are many varying opinions on how big and where an aura field starts. Some say it starts about 2- 5 inches from a person's body and can go several feet outwards depending on the level of energy in each layer. Auras serve as a visual measurement of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. 

Everything we do or think can effect our aura so it is constantly in a state of flux, ever changing, based on our physical and mental health. Our auras can be affected by other energies such as enviroment and the radio frequencies that surround us. Essentially, an aura is our electronic signature of who we are. 


Since an aura is the energetic field that surrounds your body it is not uncommon for your auric field to get weak when you pick up on other's negative emotions and energy. Aura cleansing is a set of techniques used to remove this negative energy from the body so that you can feel energized and vibrant. During an aura cleanse, I will lead you thru a guided meditation to release emotions, attachments, thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential.

I will also perform a general cord cutting if you request it to be performed. What is cord cutting? In the spirtual sense, a cord is a structure that ties you and another person together. When you form a relationship with someone, you make two types of connections. A positive connection and a negative connection. A negative cord is a structure that contains negative energies created by your relationship with that person. For example relationships with an abusive partner, ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, certain family members, friends and the list goes on. By spiritually "cutting the cord", you are releasing and letting go of the negative energies that are attached to that cord. 


What is the pineal gland and why should I activate it?

The pineal gland is a small pine cone shaped organ that sits almost in the center our brain. This little tiny gland produces melatonin. Melatonin modulates sleep patterns and regulates the body's internal clock. It can assist you to make decisions and how you percieve reality.

The pineal gland is also know as the third eye, "seat of the soul" or where your intuition lies. By the time you reach adulthood, your pineal gland is usually calcified from the ingestion of fluoride, processed foods, bromide in flour products and other chemicals found in sodas and energy drinks. 

Activation of this gland may give one a feeling of universal communion, sense of happiness, positivity, joy and permanent well being. There have even been cases of healing diseases. Other benefits include feeling more balanced with ourselves, to lead us to live in the here and now, focusing on the positive and the gratitude instead of the lack of. When the two hemispheres connect, the feeling of stress is greatly reduced. When your pineal gland is activated it can give us extraordinary sensory abilities such as intuition or spiritual connection to the "all". Some experts say that activating your pineal gland "opens" our connection with our divine essence, our univeral energy. 

Through the use of several different therapies, you can reawaken this amazing gland and start to really see the "truth" in the world. 

What is remote healing and Rife forks?

Remote healing can take place any time and any place. Through meditation, I am able to access your energy field and perform different therapies. Most common requests for remote healing are frequency balancing and the use of Rife forks. I have done some sessions for vertigo/tinnitus, digestive issues and headaches to name a few. Sometimes only one session is needed and other times, it may require more. Therefore each remote healing session that I do is individually priced and not based on my hourly rate ( if multiple sessions are required, I will do a reduced rate depending on what is needed).  

What are the Rife forks? The forks that I use in my "healing" sessions are the four frequencies that Dr. Royal Rife used back in the 1920's-1930's to treat different diseases including cancer. Please do your own research on Dr. Royal Rife for more information regarding his life, his discoveries and how the FDA and Pharma ridiculed him and destroyed his reputation. *This does not replace any current medical treatments prescribed by your physician.


What is energy balancing and chakra recharging?

Your body has seven "main power banks" called chakras. These seven energy areas are recievers and transmitters for vital energies on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The seven chakras work together as a system, so when one chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it can cause an energy imbalance between them which can then manifest into the physical body as a disease, pain or other ailment. Using different frequencies, I can assist in the transfer of energy and balance your chakras. 

How do I book an appointment?

Please contact me to schedule an appointment or consultation via email at nomadenergyworker@yahoo.com or you can call my cell (609)- 605- 6218 and leave a message. 

What payments types do you accept?

Cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted for payment. Due to the increasing charges from the credit card companies, there is an additional $3.00 processing fee for using a credit card.

What can I expect at my appointment ? What is your cancellation policy?

I am an intuitive (clairaudient, clairsentient) healer. Generally, prior to each client that I see, I will contact your spirit guides/ angels to see what healing you may need. This may take 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how easy it is for me to contact your spirit guides/angels and how long my "Angel to Do" list is for you. Some clients may need only an energy balancing and others may need multiple things. When you arrive at the office, I will review the list with you and only perform what resonates with you. Sometimes during the treatment, I may receive a message to add another tuning fork or to change the treatment plan. I will always communicate to you whatever I receive before changing course. 


When you schedule your appointment, I will ask you some questions to get a basic idea of what you feel you need and what your expectations are. I also request $25 (nonrefundable for no show/cancellation or will be credited to your bill if you attend your appointment)  at the time of booking to cover my time that I spend with your spirit guides/angels.


Cancellation Policy: All of us have had unplanned things come up in our day to day, it happens. Please, out of consideration for my time and other clients, I ask for the simple courtesy of a phone call, text or email at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment. That way, I can rearrange my day accordingly and possibly see another client who needs my assistance. If after a no show (no phone call, email or text to cancel appointment), I will reschedule your appointment at your request but there will be a $50 non refundable charge to your credit card to reserve that appointment slot. If you attend the rescheduled appointment, then there will be a $50 credit applied to the total charges for that session. If you are a no show again for the rescheduled appointment, then the $50 is non refundable/ no credit given for another session.


Empower Yourself

   Today, you have taken another step in your journey towards growth and well-being. By logging

onto this website, you are setting the intention that you are looking for something

more than what the current trends of modern medicine are offering you. 


Welcome! My name is Denise (or my soul name Meena). I am an intuitive healer and a lightworker.

I have been involved in the healthcare world for 34 years. I spent 23 years as a Registered Nurse, "retiring" on May 28, 2021. Throughout my career, I saw many things that modern medicine could not explain..."Miracles" is what some physicians would call them. What created these unexplainable miracles? Was it simply a misdiagnosis by the physician? Was it that the person's immune system was more efficient than the physician thought? Or is it that a person's will to live is so much stronger than we give it credit for and if so, then what creates the "energy" needed for this "will to live"? How do diseases or chronic illnesses just "disappear"? So, as Alice in Wonderland went thru the looking glass, I did too. Down the rabbit hole I went where I discovered a whole differrent world of alternative therapies. Therapies that boosted one's natural energy, boosted their immune system, and rebalanced one's body assisting one in preventing certain diseases. All by using one's intention and naturally occuring energy field that is all around them and in them!


I am Reiki certified however, the alternative therapy that called to me involves frequency therapy using tuning forks. How does frequency therapy works? Simply put, it uses the natural occuring frequencies in your body, your chakras (body's battery supply), and the energy and aura field surrounding your outside body to maintain your health and wellness. Some researchers have concluded that any form of trauma to our energy field or long term energy unbalance can lead to pain, anxiety, depression, certain diseases and more. 


I also offer Akashic Record Readings. Every soul has a book of all it's lifetimes including a soul's origin, soul's purpose in this lifetime, the gifts a soul has and so much more. If you are wondering why you are here or struggling in your current lifetime, an akashic reading may provide you with some guidance. I also can perform an in depth reading of your soul's galactic history too.  


If you have never had an energy session using tuning forks or would like an Akashic Reading, you can schedule an appointment for any of the energy work that I do or if you have an interest in finding an alternative therapy to assist your current needs, please contact me to schedule an appointment. 

Start living the way our human bodies were meant to live. A balanced life... from the outside in.




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